Tralten Eller Utpult started summer 2012 in Bergen.

Thore and Kristoffer plays together in STAER, John and Thore played together in the band Polygonjunx. John is also a key figure in the bands Jazzkammer, NOXAGT, Golden Serenades, Rehab, Black Packers, Kaptein Kaliber.

Together Tralten Eller Utpult form a harsh onslaught that draws influences from European free improvisation as well as from Japanese noise and No Wave .


May 11th - SuperDeluxe with Yasutoshi Yoshida (Tokyo, JP)
May 12th - Urban Guild (Kyoto, JP)
May 14th - Moon (Seoul, KR)
May 15th - Mudaeruk (Seoul, KR)
May 17th - Heartstrings (Fukuoka, JP)

lørdag 15. juni 2013

Government Utpult (Dinner in Shibuya)

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